Together with it´s first-class partners, ESA BIC Noordwijk is the place for entrepreneurs from research centres, universities, space and non-space business seeking to realise their innovative business ideas and transfer technologies from space to other areas of the economy.

ESA BIC Noordwijk is part of the Europe-wide ESA BIC network, which has been established to empower entrepreneurship at European level to the considerable benefit of the regional ESA BIC’s and their associated entrepreneurial community.


Why to participate

  • Hub for commercialisation of space technology in Noordwijk
  • Working in an innovative, high-tech entrepreneurial environment
  • Close to ESA’s biggest facility ESA-ESTEC

What you get

  • Incentive Funding up to 50.000 EURO for product development and IPR
  • Business development loan of 50.000 EURO
  • Technical Support up to 80 Hours through ESA
  • Business development support and advice
  • IP Consulting
  • Financial Administration
  • Business Support via workshops, trainingen and coaches
  • Exclusive access to international events
  • Access to the international ESA BIC´s community
  • Preferred access to office facilities, coaches, experts, suppliers and investment capital

Who can Apply

  • You have an innovative based on space technology driven idea
  • Company not older than five years or needs to be founded yet
  • European citizen
  • Company headquarter will be located at the offices of Space Business Innovation Centre Noordwijk

What fields of application

  • Satellite navigation / mobile services
  • Earth monitoring
  • Transportation ( road – sea – air )
  • Satellite Communication
  • Agriculture
  • Energy
  • Robotics / Mechatronics
  • Materials