Validate Your Business Idea

The Rocket Program is a 10-week program consisting of 7 full-day workshops to help starting entrepreneurs focus and validate their business plan.

The program is organized by SBIC Noordwijk and facilitated by a team of innovation consultants of Verhaert. Participants will be coached and supported throughout the program, in order to detail their idea’s added value. This program has evolved throughout the last 15 years, based on SBIC and Verhaert’s experiences with various multi-nationals, start-ups and SME’s.

What will you learn?

EMBRACE YOUR PROBLEM – Understanding your proposition thoroughly, how it delivers the best possible solution for the user and their problem.

CREATE ADDED VALUE – Designing a value proposition which nails the customer problem, validate it and make sure it is easy to understand. Make sure your solution is scalable, unique and fits your target markets.

VALIDATE AND PLAN – Before starting to build you have to validate the concept of your solution with your customers. As a start-up, by definition you’re making many assumptions and you need to validate these as early as possible to avoid spending time and money on building something nobody

Why you should join?

  • A chance to validate your business idea;
  • Small-sized groups;
  • Individual coaching focussed on your specific needs;
  • Prepare for the ESA BIC incubation program.

Who can apply?

  • Entrepreneurial teams of 2-4 persons;
  • Company not older than 3 years;
  • Business idea based on space technology;
  • A product-market fit and space connection needs to be validated;
  • EU citizen.


11 October – Deadline to submit your application

27 October – Applicants are informed whether they have been selected

The workshops take place between 13 November 2017 and 2 March 2018.


To participate in this unique program, you must provide your business plan and a participation fee of € 250,- (ex VAT) per team member to cover the costs of the facilities and catering.