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How do I know if my product or service needs space technology and where can I find space technology?

The space relationship is a very important aspect to join the ESA BIC. For investigations patents, please take a look at and/or

Here you can find some space technologies.


May the funding from the ESA BIC Noordwijk Program be used to pay rent for office space?

No. The incentive can only be used for IPR and product development.


Is it mandatory to have one person permanently located in Noordwijk during the project?

In our vision, an incubator is more than just a place to work. It is also a place to meet other incubatees and partners, to share knowledge and attend events. So while we will not force you, we do strongly encourage you and your team to be present in Noordwijk at least a few days per week.


Our project consists mainly in the development of an electronic device. The Open Call says that the incentive granted “as a general rule can only be spent in The Netherlands”. However we are already in contact with a company in another country to develop such device, and a prototype is being currently designed. Can the funding from the ESA BIC Noordwijk Program be used to finance the development in this case?

This can only be done, in high exception, when the product can not be found in the Netherlands. In general, spending the incentive abroad can only be done after consulting the Incubation Manager.


What is the procedure when I apply for a position in the ESA BIC Noordwijk programme?

After you applied, and your application meets the basic requirements, you will receive an invitation within a week. The invitation is to give a presentation to the Tender Evaluation Board (TEB) which will be held around three weeks after the deadline. The results of the TEB will be given to you three weeks after the TEB. If you are selected you will receive an invitation for negotiations for the ESA BIC Noordwijk programme.


Which companies are in the Tender Evaluation Board?

The TEB consists of ESA, SBIC Noordwijk, NSO, Rabobank Bollenstreek, Verhaert Masters in Innovation, Haseltine Lake and the Zirkzee Group.


What does ‘support entities’ mean?

Support entities are companies, government or knowledge institutes who are supporting you, with knowledge and/or money.