ESA BIC Noordwijk has a Permanent Open Call. This means we are always open for business and you can apply to us. However there are a few fixed dates during the year when we select.

To make the application process most efficient, for you and us, we recommend you to do step 1 before moving on to the full application documents.

Step 1: Contact

First step, you simply fill in this form

Which main kind of space technology are you foreseen to use?
Satellite NavigationEarth ObservationOtherTo decided yet

Has your company already been founded?

Business idea in max. 500 characters
(Customer profile, value proposition, market potential)

How did you became aware of ESA BIC Noordwijk? (required)

We will provide feedback to your filled out form. This will help you to better decide whether it makes sense for you to fill out the full application documents, or possibly do so at a later state.

Step 2: The Application

We suggest to go through step 1, before going to the full application documents. The form helps you to evaluate whether the full application makes sense. 

To apply, simply do the following:

  • Download the documents by clicking here
  • Read the Permanent Open Call documents.
  • Complete the following Business Application Proposal (BAP) documents:
    • Cover Letter Section V
    • Incubation Proposal Section VI
    • Business Plan Section VII
  • Send, the following documents in electronic form¬† (.pdf ) to application [@]
    • Cover Letter Section V ( including digital signature(s)
    • Incubation Proposal Section VI
    • Business Plan Section VII
    • and related appendixes as needed.
  • and in parallel, send the following documentin hard copy

    • Cover Letter Section V ( including signature(s) ) to:

SBIC Noordwijk

Attn: Open Call ESA BIC Noordwijk

Martijn Leinweber

Kapteynstraat 1

2201 BB Noordwijk

Questions about the Open Call? Take a look at the Frequently Asked Questions