Together with it´s first-class partners, ESA BIC Noordwijk is the place for entrepreneurs from research centres, universities, space and non-space business seeking to realise their innovative business ideas and transfer technologies from space to other areas of the economy.

ESA's Business Incubation Centre in Noordwijk is supporting for more than 10 years technology transfer from space to other economies. Over 90 startups have been selected and supported to launch ideas, create new products and make successful companies. Space technologies are improving everything from medical devices and software tools to the food you eat and can support a broad range of industries.

Support Centre

What do we offer

Financial, technical and business support for a period up to two years.

Technical Support of up to 80 hours through ESA

Why to join

The hub for commercialisation of space technology

Join ESA BIC Noordwijk

Applications can be submitted at any time but selection for presentation for the Tender Evaluation Board is done on set dates. Next deadline 23-05-2016

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Our incubatees


  • eFarmer

  • JOHAN Sports

  • Viridian Raven

  • Elbibi

  • Knowble

  • AVY

  • Domus Roja

  • Dutch Terahertz

  • E-Heli

  • Solartechno Europe

  • Dexa Solar

  • Spectral Industries

  • Social Charging

  • Folkline

  • Opt/Net

Partners ESA BIC Noordwijk